You have searched me, Lord, and you know me. You know when I sit and when I rise: you perceive my thoughts from afar. You discern my going out and my lying down; you are familiar with all my ways. Before a word is on my tongue you, Lord, know it completely…For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made…Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be. Psalm 139:1-3,13,16

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

And another thing...

I forgot to add to my list of pregnancy woes…Boogers.  We have a descriptive form of the word at my house (can you tell I am going to be a mother of a boy---it fits right?)... boogery.  Yes I can use it in a sentence. My nose has been so boogery since I have been pregnant.  I have read in pregnancy books that it is very common to have all types of increased secretions, including nasal secretions due to the increase in blood flow and bodily fluid retentions.  I am thankful that I do not have to blow my nose constantly but picking it is just as bad I'm afraid! It's totally worth it for you, ELI!--Boogers away.

I already got some comments but anyone who wants to add some of their own PLEASE tell your worst or most annoying pregnancy change!

Recent Addiction (other than eating)

I have lately been addicted the trial of the century…ok maybe not, but it's big…I have been following the Casey Anthony trial and all of the crazy players in this thing.  Ok, guys let's face it, she is guilty as sin, but I wonder how many loonies got on the jury who think they are in CSI Miami and are going to talk about DNA and fingerprints and smoking guns etc when they have a fourth grade education and wouldn't know DNA or reasonable doubt if it hit them in the head.  I love to hate the Defense Attorneys, both of the men are so unlikeable and slimy, even the judge has a look of distaste when he rules on an objection. I need to do some research into who hired them, I am hoping the state supplied them because if someone in the Anthony family is paying them, they are paying too much. Unless, the plan is to throw the trial and have so many chances at appeal that the court systems will be overwhelmed.  In that case, they are brilliant.
Next, the Prosecutors are so succinct and on point, that it is almost like it is scripted, especially the lady, too bad I haven't paid attention to her name!  And the crazy Anthony family…first Casey is so morbid that she immediately throws dad, George, under the bus as a sexual abuser...despite her parents being the only people deluded enough to support or believe her. Then they are also saying that her brother, Lee, came into her bedroom at night several times, as well, including having an ex-boyfriend testify to her having told him this. Then her mom, Cindy, gets on the stand and tries to lie for Casey and say she did the internet searches for "chlorophyll" and it pulled up "chloroform" ---poor Cindy didn't even know enough to lie well on the stand--I don't know who prepped her for that testimony but it was poor. She didn't know what a search engine was, much less which one she used, wasn't prepared to be asked about the searches done immediately afterward or the fact the Casey's Facebook account was opened concurrently, and let's don't forget she was clocked in at work--so either way she's a liar.  I feel for her though, and that's was the Prosecutor's office didn't tear her a new one on the stand---she has really lost it all when it comes to family. She failed at raising her daughter to be anything other than an ego-centric, lying, self-loving, maniacal demon and then when she got a second chance with this precious grandchild, that sweet little one was taken from her prematurely.  She has to be wondering who or what to hold onto.  In these tragedies, there has to be unimaginable grief and turmoil for everyone.  If you were in the place of an innocent participant of this trial and investigation, wouldn't you be questioning everyone around you? How could you believe that your own daughter could do something so terrible? The total devastation left in the wake of Casey Anthony is as real as the tornado that hit Oklahoma recently.
Several years back I paid close attention to another big trial, Scott Peterson's murder trial.  Just like everyone else, I identified with pretty, innocent Lacey Peterson. Now pregnant, I can't help but think about her and how she was feeling and the loss experienced by that family too.  At the time of the trial, I was still in school and would watch trial footage and commentary while eating my lunch or taking a study break.  I remember wondering how someone who looked so normal, handsome, like prince-charming, could do something so horrendous and so cruel.  Scott, like Casey, was so obviously guilty based upon all of the circumstances and evidence when it was put together to form a picture, yet it was just so hard to imagine.  I told Neil at the time, as there were several other murders of young pregnant wives around that same time, that if he ever decided that he no longer wanted to be married to me just to tell me and I promised I wouldn't ask for child support.  I mean please, let me live, don't make my family go through all of that! Save us all the time and money.  Plus, I also told him that I know way too much about forensics and I promised to have enough evidence on my body that he would for sure be convicted and that I would haunt him so relentlessly that he would have to confess to get away from it.
It just brings me back to the realization that our world is so depraved; we, as humans, are so flawed with sin, that without the love and light of God in our lives, it will always come down to our selfish desires.  Without the moral compass of Christ, you can always talk yourself into whatever it is that you want at the moment, you will always be able to reason out why something is not wrong.  Without a moral compass that is unchanging or unmoving, what is ok shifts so easily.  Theft, Abortion, Genocide, Divorce, Rape, Murder, Same-sex marriage, Prostitution, Legalization of Recreational Drugs, and on and on; each thing on it's own has many arguments for when and why it would be or should be tolerated or legalized or even supported by the rest of society.  When you come right down to it, it doesn't matter what we as humans can tolerate because we can shift our morality so far it is unrecognizable, What matters is what God can tolerate…and it is only perfection.  He can't tolerate a "white lie" or a murder, and to Him there is no sliding scale, there isn't a scale at all. All He can see is the darkness of SIN, unless we are washed in the blood that Christ shed for us through our relationship with Him.

Monday, June 27, 2011

"It puts the lotion on it's skin…"

11)I have been spending a lot of time with the lotion bottle in hand trying to keep that skin stretchy and moist and hoping that I am still young enough to stretch easily. They say it's mostly genetics and my mom says that she didn't get any stretch marks but she was 10 years younger than I am when she had me.

12) Great Hair!  My hair has been looking super, if I do say so myself.  I normally wash my hair about every other day, but since I have been pregnant my hair had not been oily or dry. I can wear it for a few days without washing unless I do a ponytail or spend time outside and get sweaty.  It is growing very quickly and so it has gotten longer and also seems to hold curl and have a lot of body---it's usually stick-straight.

14) Great hair ; (  can you call armpit and leg hair luxurious?  It is growing fast---I absolutely hate shaving and it is required for the summer attire.

15) Pregnancy mask---I am usually all about being in the sun and little sunblock besides what is in my make-up, however I learned my lesson early. When we went to Houston I got a wake-up call that is still with me…some large freckles across my cheeks that I do not want to get any darker. I always wanted freckles but these could easily turn ugly if  they get bigger or darker. SPF70 has been on the face for all out-door adventures since then.

16) DREAMS…crazy, scary, weird, perverse dreams.  I have been dreaming some crazy stuff…bear hunts with my grandparents, dates with famous men (recently a proposition by Ralph Lauren (which I rejected even in my dream), old high school friends, that I haven't even thought about, doing weird stuff... it is exciting every night at my house. Recently, the dreams have slacked off a little but for a while there I really thought I was losing it.

Those are just a few more I came up with this afternoon!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Thankful for ?

Well a while ago I promised some friends that I would do my best to talk about some of the funny pregnancy things (or gross or embarrassing or whatever) as long as I didn't make hubby too uncomfortable so I think I have done well about talking about my feelings but not as well about the actual things that happen TO you. Here are a few things that have been somewhat strange and weird and wonderful all at once…

1) I am now too fat to wear my scrubs at work unless I wear a belly band over my pants and wear a giant scrub top. So I look like a homeless doctor with about 3 layers of clothes on INCLUDING the diabetic socks I am now wearing to keep my ankles from swelling that come up to my knees…and did I mention it is 100 degrees outside?!!! so the pit-stains are really attractive too.

2) HEARTBURN! need I say more…it pops up at the strangest times for me and doesn't last long but it is like a lightning bolt that hits and then just burns it's way down my chest…have a new respect for people with chronic esophageal problems.

3)Bathrooms are my new best friend…how many trips can one person make to the restroom in the middle of the night? Seriously! you would think that one would do, after all it's not like I drink another gallon after I go the first time but two hours later, Here I Go Again!

4)Thankfully NO HEMORRHOIDS!  And just so you know I am knocking on every piece of wood in my house! I am not going to let things get backed up if you know what I mean…If the restroom is the number one friend, Fiber is number two (no pun intended)…seriously there is prune juice on call in the ice box anytime.

5) Truthfully, I really haven't had any major cravings.  I have always liked sweets and we are eating a lot of fresh fruit right now but I haven't just had to run out in the middle of the night for anything...YET!

6)I am having a hard time feeling pretty or sexy or whatever you want to call it with this large lump on my abdomen and all the pedicures in the world don't make it any better.  Neil says I still look good but it's tough to get dressed up etc when you feel like your weight has doubled.  I will let you know a total when I go on Thursday as our scale isn't well calibrated to what I was prior to pregnancy vs now but I would guess that I have gained about 15 lbs since I had gained 7 at my last visit…that is just a guess and I really hope it isn't much more since I have three months left to go but I am trying my best not to focus on weight. (I will give some background on that at some point in the future but for now say I have had issues with weight in the past)  No one, including my husband, has said anything to me but how cute I am but in my mind I just worry about how all this weight is going to come off and while I love that my tummy is getting bigger, my booty and thighs could really not stand to grow as they were already of decent size. (I'm just sayin') I know as soon as I go back to running with my awesome jog stroller it will all come off---so what's the point in worrying about it now…but you can't help what you worry about, you can just ask God to take it away.

7)NESTING! I want to clean and move and modify and dust and vacuum and organize---and I am just too tired to get it all done but I am doing my utter best to make it happen.  Anyone want to dust my shades one at a time?

8) Women only!!!!
How much bigger can my boobs get? seriously up two sizes and got an extender for the around measurement… DID I say I don't feel sexy? Victoria's Secret here I come! just airbrush out the gut! ; )

9)Underwear…need I say more ladies? yuck!

10)I am now stuck with getting a bikini wax as I am no longer able to see the forest for the bump, if you catch my drift…but I will say if you need it, Selina at Spa Concepts is AMAZING! I am telling you---you can barely feel it, like taking off a bandaid.

Now can we say swimsuit model…don't even go there!

Nursery Fun

Assembly of the bumper pads. 

Yes BOTH machines were in use! This was Day 2 and we were determined to complete the project.

Bumper pad #1, 5 more to go!

The view looking into the crib. I found the crib sheet at Target and it is the only kind in the right shade of green--polka dots look good in there! Don't worry I have another shot where you can see in from the outside too.
Eli's nursery is NOT finished but we got the bumper pads done last week and this weekend I worked on a little project for the wall.

I used the material from the bumper pads and covered some canvas squares and then painted and glued on the letters to give it a 3D appearance.  I am still not sure about how I have them hung. I tried to make it look haphazard but that's tough for an OCD girl like me. I keep going back in and rearranging them, turning the letters different directions, etc. 

I didn't talk yet about last Saturday. Lucy and I decided to go to the Farmer's market in downtown Shreveport and although I forgot to bring any cash, she remembered and we bought a lot of delicious fruit. My cantaloupe lasted 2 days---only because we were so busy sewing and eating tomatoes! Everything we brought home was so delicious and you can just tasted the difference in something grown naturally! Then, we ran a few errands. I had a diaper deal for CVS so we ran in there and looked at a few things. As we were leaving, realized that we had locked the keys in the car….Lucy says they fell out of her purse so I am not going to argue. Fred and Desi were back at the house doing something in our attic after the had finished golfing that morning in celebration of Father's Day, but were willing to bring the keys by to us. So we waited in CVS for 30 minutes or so and then we ran to a few places to register for some presents for Baby Eli! That was really fun and we had a blast picking things out and comparing all the cool items. I plan to make a trip to register at Target and Burlington…or maybe do that online. But that day we registered at Ladies in Waiting and Moms2Bee.  Both are little specialty shops in the area and have tons of cute little "necessities." Then Sunday we worked more on the bumper pads and cooked out burgers for Father's day with fresh tomatoes and sweet potato fries. YUMMY! 
Since then we have just been working and trying to rest. It seems like the dogs have more successful at that than me!You can't really see it but Dixie's tongue is completely out of her mouth and right now she is snoring so loud that she keeps waking herself up! Daisy is on guard behind her making sure no one goes down the street without us knowing about it!

It is just insanely hot outside which makes me so thankful for water and air conditioning/fans in our house.   Judging by the size of my belly Eli is growing big and strong and I am wondering how I will make it through August and September with a belly bigger than this.  I am feeling incredibly blessed and love that I can feel him kick and move everyday now. Neil has yet to have felt it despite all of my efforts. He just can't move fast enough to get his hand in the right spot and somehow Eli knows when Daddy is pressing on my belly and he just starts kicking inward instead.  I can tell he will be very stubborn just like Daddy!  Another funny thing is that I think he might sleep like me…Neil always teases that he would wake up in the middle of the night and I would be face down with my knees curled up under me in a big ball with my rear end in the air. My mom says when I was younger I did the same thing and she would come pull my legs out from under me when she went to bed.  Well every morning when I wake up there is the funniest shape to my belly. It's a small square lump straight up in the middle that is as hard as a rock and although he is only about two pounds and 9 in long I swear I can feel a little head and rump curled up there. Of course I don't know which is which! Anyway it is so amazing to me and I am in awe every morning when I wake up and feel him move as I rub my belly before I get up.  What a miracle! and I can truly say that For this child I have prayed! and the Lord heard me and opened my womb and gave me a son!  I absolutely can't wait to meet him!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Well, there's a lot going on in the Brogden house. The last several weekends we have had stuff to do or have been out of town, but this weekend I plan on working on Baby Brogden stuff ALL WEEKEND! and not only that but my partner in crime is back from Africa. (yes my parents went to Africa for 2+ weeks!) It is now time for the nursery decorating to get serious. I am talking two sewing machines going strong on finishing those bumper pads! I am so anxious to get those done so that we can start working on wall decor and registering and all the other exciting things there are to do! So I am looking forward to that on Saturday, as well as, visiting a few friends, new and old, who have recently had babies or are in the hospital with their little ones.

Another thing going on with us is we are having some renovations made to our house.  Neil says it is to prepare to take care of me in the hot summer so that I don't complain about being too hot when I get a little bigger, but how can you not be hot when it is 103 degrees outside in JUNE! Anyway, we now have solar panels and are in waiting for a new air conditioner with a little more power (Argh, Argh!--if you ever watched Home Improvement.) and some kind of contraption that allows you to control your thermostat from your iPhone.  Well after all of the plans are now in the works I am pretty sure we are going to have the power/ ventilation system that rivals some sort of High Tech museum of the future. Neil has become OBSESSED with checking on how much energy we are saving with these stupid solar panels.  He daily checks to see how much energy we made while we were at work.  Yes, I said MADE because even on a day when it is 100+ degrees outside, he turns the air condition to 80 so that we won't waste energy while we are away!!!!! So suddenly now it is some sort of energy-making game we are playing against the power company, because if we make more energy than we use, we get a credit on our bill. I swear his goal is to try not to have to pay anything for our energy bill and he hasn't yet become too crazy about the lights being turned off and on, but the precious air conditioner is where the battle lines have been drawn!   A few days ago I came home to him smiling very smugly at the kitchen bar where he was reading the mail. As soon as I got in the door, he gushed to me that we have our first bill since the panels were installed (2 weeks of the month we had the panels and 2 we did not) and we have lowered our bill by half of what it was for the same month last year. Oh Happy Day!  "Well," I told him, "that would be great if I didn't know that your goal for next month was to get a credit on the bill." This wouldn't bother me at all, except that I am 6 months pregnant and I am HOT! but he assures me that when the new, heavy duty air conditioner (the Arctic 4000 model) gets installed I will never be hot again….I will let you know how that saga plays out. Meanwhile, despite my complaining about my husband (funny thing is that he is JUST like his Dad, who he says keeps his parent's house too hot) I think it is kind of cute that he wants to play this little game and that he lets me spend money on things I don't need at all and spoils me constantly, but that he wants to be frugal in this one area.  I think it is endearing and it makes me happy to be married to him.  I think that is saying a lot considering a very dear friend warned me that in the coming months of my pregnancy, I may begin to wonder how I could have married the man I did, and question his intelligence and my own sanity for choosing him due to some hormonal fog.  I can't wait for the changes that will happen over the next 4 months of our lives and I can't wait to share it.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

picture post

I wanted to add some pics of what has been going on with us the past few weeks….I think most of them are self explanatory but I might add a few notes.
Burpies that I got from Leslie…I referenced in an earlier post…GOOD NEWS-they were matched with a baby and have already been able to bring him home--they are asking for prayers because he had to be readmitted to the hospital but he is doing well and they hope to be out soon!

The next couple are Baby Elijah at 21 weeks. Everything seems to be going perfectly--all measurements are on schedule and he is growing big and starting to wiggle a lot!

Smoothie from Four Seasons Pool 

Staying hydrated with a virgin beverage --- It was way better than the real version would have been anyway!

Fancy breakfast I had by myself-waffles and fruit with a cinnamon butter and maple syrup! yummy!

a yummy wrap I got by the pool---I really should start a food blog--I think I take more pictures of my food than anything else!--I also had a delicious dessert at a place we went to dinner but I didn't bring my phone with me to that one!


SNEAK PEEK! Wall stripes are visible in the back…I managed to make the bedskirt on my own and found a matching sheet and that little thing on the crib is a tiny elephant that has a pull string that plays music.  I will put up some more pictures soon. I can hardly wait to get the rest of it done! ( my sewing machine had to go to the shop-but as soon as I get it back, I am going to get serious again! )

This is my inspiration room, but I didn't want to concentrate so much on the green, just wanted it as an accent.

Three of the four materials we are using in Elijah's room  (the fourth is the stripe that I used on bedskirt which will also be used as an accent on the other parts of the bedding)
Me and Eli-23 weeks

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

And NOW you see...

that I am the worst person at being consistent. I have managed to go more than two weeks without posting anything or even looking at other blogs.  But today during my lunch break I have managed to get on my computer and get some things done.  I can say that other than just showing up to work and trying to function there, pretty much everything has fallen by the wayside lately because I have been so busy.  Last Wednesday my parents made it back into town and so I for some reason feel far more relaxed and as if I now have some support, which is kind of weird because other than seeing my dad at work and a short shopping trip with my mom, I really haven't seen much of them. I think it is just the knowledge that they are close by.
   This weekend Neil and I got to Houston. He took some Continuing Education classes and I took it easy!  I got to be treated like a celebrity. They made me fancy fruit drinks and virgin toddies and I laid out by the pool.  My big belly is super tan--while not much sun was seen by my back. I made a request for some ideas and what I got to help with that problem was this…my friend, Deni-also pregnant, suggested the use of a floatie with mesh in the middle for stomach. So I am going to make an effort to obtain one of those before my next tanning session.  We ate at some yummy places and I had terrible heartburn both nights of our stay but that is a small price to pay for this precious peanut!  Speaking of the little peanut, he wiggled non-stop all weekend and it was so cool.  At one point on Saturday while I was at the pool, he managed to get himself all the way over to one side of my body and I am not sure but I think he was standing straight up.  It was hilarious but hurt like I don't know what!  All I could think of to do was try to push on him and he laid back down.  I think if anyone else had been there they would have been laughing hysterically.  I just keep thinking what a funny personality this little man is going to have because Neil and I are possibly the two dorkiest people and might have the oddest sense of humor between us that if he even gets part of that he will be a hoot and will really keep us on our toes!
   Lately I have had this delivery thing on my mind a lot.  I am not scared yet. I feel very curious though about what will happen.  I pretty much know the process…something large will come out of a very small hole and I will be doing everything I can just not to scream like an idiot. But what I mean is... how will it all go down? Who will do what? Who will I tell my plans to? When will we talk about all of that? So far everything has been pretty simple at my visits to the doctor but I wonder when we will start making all of those plans.  I am nervous about who my nurse will be and if she will be nice and I am nervous about if my doctor is not on call or if I will go into labor on my own or my water will break at work or something. I just can't really imagine all of the circumstances and how I will handle them.  I am reading a lot about the physical process of what takes place with your body and what to expect as far as how each step feels and there is plenty of literature on those things but all of the other aspects are things that are very individual to each person's experience.  Those are the details you can't plan for and that is what makes me nervous!  At my next doctor visit, we will do my glucose test to check for gestational diabetes and I will plan on having my list ready to talk about all of the questions I have about the birthing stuff even though we have a long way to go before it is time.
   Now that I am back and we are on a new work schedule I plan to get back to daily posts so hopefully I will be back to myself and have some entertaining stories to tell you about…talk at you soon!